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CVE2000 4 Geomechanics lab2. Course:Geomechanics (CVE20004) CVE20004 Geomechanics Dir ect Shear Box T est (Loose Introd uction:In this practical, the direct shear box test will be completed to ultimately . determine the shear strength of a given soil. The basis of the shear box test is . putting a certain soil into a 60mm x 60mm box ENGG2400_Lab2_ReportTemplate-2.docx - ENGG2400 View ENGG2400_Lab2_ReportTemplate-2.docx from MMAN 2400 at University of New South Wales. ENGG2400 Torsion Lab Report Abstract Three or four sentences here in

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Shear strength is the essential engineering property of soil required to analyze and design foundations, retaining walls, bridges, embankment, and related infrastructure. Experiment Two (2) Torsional testing of Circular Shaftsshear stress on any cross section. Failure might occur due to shear alone or because the shear is accompanied by stretching or bending. Objective:To determine Shear Modulus of Elasticity (G) of some Steel, Aluminum and Brass circular shafts and develop a relationship among the Torque (T0 and Clamping length (L) and the angle of twist ( ) Instructor:Teaching Assistant:Prerequisites:Required Lab 1 (shear strength of cohesionless soils:direct shear) F 9/14 . Lab 2 (shear strength of cohesionless so ils:CD triaxial compression) F 9/21 . Lab 3 (shear strength of cohesive soils:Vane test; UC) F 10/12 . Lab 4 (centrifuge testing of retaining wall failure) F 10/26


Oct 03, 2018 · View LAB2_Torsion_Testing_PeterGonzalez_5309710.docx from EML 3702L at University of Central Florida. Torsional Testing of Circular Shafts Peter Gonzalez - Lab 2.docx - Strength of Materials Lab Lab 2 Torsion Test Feb 10, 2018 · Strength of Materials Lab Lab 2 Torsion Test of Metallic Materials Performed By:Anthony Aguilar Mark Bevacqua Steven Kloss Performed:2/23/16 Submitted:3/8/16 MECH 237 - 108 Abstract In this experiment the class observed the tension testing of a 1018 CR Steel specimen to Evaluate its mechanical properties. Lab 6 - Direct Shear Test - StuDocudirect shear test cive 334 dr. song due april 17th, 2018 purpose the purpose of this lab is to determine the angle of friction for the soil sample, in this. Constant Head Permeability Test Lab 1 - Moisture Content 107 Convergence Tests Lab 2 - Sieve and Hydrometer Analysis Lab 7 -

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*plot w/c vs. compressive strength; *plot density vs. Fc, Ft, Fb, Fv and E; *plot square root F'c strength vs. flexural, tensile and shear strength (show trend lines and compare to ACI equations). *Plot Fc-Schmidt hammer vs. compressive str. *Present Cumulative Results Table from Lab2 on fresh concrete properties and use to discuss Material Testing Lab Manual - SlideShareNov 11, 2018 · Note the fracture load. Ultimate shear strength = Load/ C/s area of the specimen (single shear) = Load / 2 x C/s area of the specimen (double shear) 60. 59 Figure 12.1:Shear testing on UTM OBERSEVATIONS & CALCULATIONS:Sl.No. Specimen Material Aluminum Mild Steel 1. Diameter of the Specimen (d A) = 2. Area of the Specimen A = * d 2 A / 4 = Mech Test-Torsion2. Calculate the value of the shear modulus from the results of the tension test:using n=0.345 for aluminum. 3. Using the effective stress concept, calculate the shear strength indicated by the tension test data such that:and setting and solving for with all other stress equal to zero. = N/mm2. EVALUATION OF TORSION TEST RESULTS FOR YIELDING

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Determine the nominal strength based on the net section as follows:a) Using Equation for shear lag factor, U, from AISC Table D3.1. b) Use the alternative value from the table. Fig. 3 . Name:_____ Date:12/09/13 4 Page Problem 4:The tension member shown in Fig. 4 is PL 5/8x10, and the steel is A36.